Social-Emotional Groups for Children and Teens

Group Therapy is an effective form of support for youth because it can help them gain confidence and acceptance from peers as well as provide valuable opportunity to practice interpersonal and communication skills with peers within a supportive environment. The following groups are led by Licensed Social Worker, Sarah Freeze. Groups will be starting up again in January 2017.

Call (631) 223-8499 ext 4 to register your child for January 2017.

Empow-HER-ment Group

A group geared towards empowering girls ages 8-10 to gain confidence, assertiveness skills, and peer support. The goal is to promote awareness about how certain environments, such as social situations in school, can affect confidence and self-perception. Topics covered include creating a positive self-image, managing peer pressure and difficult social interactions as well as forming healthy connections.

Transition Time: Social Group

This group is designed to support children during the transition from childhood into young adolescence. Each session is tailored to the needs of the children participating. Topics related to peer relationships, expressing feelings and using self-control skills will be covered. Group members will have a chance to learn and social/communication skills within a supportive peer environment.

Making and Keeping Friends Group

Sometimes maintaining friendships can be hard! The goal of this group is to strengthen young childrens’ positive social skills and ability to handle frustration in social interactions. Group activities will build skills associated with creating friendships, keeping up cooperative play and how to handle difficult social situations and expressing feelings appropriately.