Coloring Book Series

Color with Me, Mom!

Moms have been coloring with their children since the dawn of crayons. This coloring book is designed to enhance the experience for moms and kids through whimsical artwork that is meant to be colored “side-by-side” and effective strategies from Child Psychologist, Dr. Narayan that will get children to open up while coloring. Go ahead color, create, and connect!

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Draw with Me, Dad!

Featuring over 50 doodling templates, this book allows Dads to connect with their children and create beautiful artwork in the process.  The book also includes tips from Dr. Narayan on how to communicate and engage with your child through the fun and playful process of coloring.

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Color with Me, Grandma!

Coloring is a great bonding activity for grandmothers and grandchildren. The beautiful artwork in this book is meant to be colored side-by-side and the helpful conversation starters provided by Dr. Narayan will allow grandmothers to better connect with their grandchildren.

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