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Sophia has always been fascinated by the mind, how people come together, relationships, sexuality, and how they are all connected. She studied psychology in college, has a Master’s degree in couple and family therapy with a specialty in sex therapy, and is a certified yoga teacher.

Sophia has been a therapist for over 15 years and has worked with children, families, individuals, groups, and couples. She has taught psychology, human sexuality, adult sex education, yoga, and she has facilitated workshops for individuals and couples. She's a published author of 100s of articles and a national speaker. Creating a world-wide community of women and men who lead from pleasure is her true passion and calling. She is now the Chief Pleasure Operator of her own Sex & Intimacy Coaching company.

Everything Sophia gives to her clients, she has experienced with profound success and has joy in sharing with her community. She creates a safe space for self-expression and discovery and teaches practices that break relationship-sabotaging patterns. She is a conduit for people to put out their great bodies of work into the world. Her clients have experienced profound success as well and thanks to knowing and trusting themselves, they make huge ripples in the world as change-makers.

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Live a Life of No Regrets

| February 1, 2016 | 2 Comments

The person I’ve had to forgive the most has been myself. For all the mistakes I’ve made and for my own role in the trauma I have experienced. It’s not a matter of blame or accepting a victim role…

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The Many Faces of Sexual Addiction

| October 1, 2015 | 2 Comments

It wasn’t something I was advertising years ago when I realized I had a sex addiction. It wasn’t something I could admit to myself. I thought I had everything under control. Men are not the only ones…

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How to Nurture Your Most Intimate Relationship

| August 31, 2015 | 0 Comments

With transition comes opportunity for reflection and so I look back at what has set me up for success for the dark and quiet months ahead. I’m in a new relationship and I really, really like her. I haven’t liked […]

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